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AW Bridal Collaboration

Look. I am so happy to be working with AW Bridal. I mean, really, look at those dresses!! Dreamy! Some of you know that I make a lot of my own clothes, especially the historical and medieval ones, as I just looooove working with historical patterns and fabrics. But, every so often I want something that isn't medieval, but more in the realm of fairytale romance. And that's where these dresses come in. I'm not married yet, but if I were to look for bridesmaid dresses, this is where I would look, and I'm not just saying that, I reallt would. And they ship to anywhere!

I was honestly surprised with the high quality and feel of these dresses and that makes me proud and confident to recommend them to you. If you feel like checking them out, click on the buttons below <3

Prom? Ball? Wedding? Birthday party? You name it.

You'll thank me. <3

PSSSST! Use "mymble" to get 10% off from their website!





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