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Project FOX: Chapter X

Excited and proud to present a post-apocalyptic visual project.

Working title "Project FOX" or "FOX TALES" - Chapter: X, a toxic relationship

In my eyes, the project emphasises our inner demons as a reflection of our world. We are invited to pause, to contemplate and to feel. This is a visual narrative that tries to convey a story through frozen frames, but it comes alive through our gaze and reflection. We are dreamers, LARPers, creators and story tellers. Let us tell you this story <3

Chapter X: 1

Introducing Fox, she inhabits a world diametrically opposed to ours. Fox's daily existence is marked by filth, toxicity, and unrelenting brutality, where the worth of life is minimal. It's a desolate realm where the inhabitants are consumed by the struggle for survival—individuals driven to desperate measures.

This world exists post-catastrophe in an unspecified future. Here, there's no semblance of society, no nations or countries, no historical or cultural remnants, no shared infrastructure—only a determination to endure each passing day, with those lacking this will…well..

Chapter X: 2

In a relentless fight for survival, much of what we consider commonplace—luxuries beyond reach, tallying days of hunger, cold, wetness, sickness, and fear—is something one would rather erase from memory. The year has become a mystery, occasionally revealed by "archaeological finds" recounting a vastly different era that painfully underscores the poverty of our current world.

Chapter X: 3

"Fox" is a character from the LARP campaign "Blodsband," and this photo series marks the inaugural chapter in what we, @bjornfalkevik and @mybelbee, envision evolving into a more extensive visual narrative. Presently dubbed "Chapter: X," its placement in the timeline remains undecided.

Chapter X: 4

The subsequent chapter will unfold as an introduction to a story set in a post-apocalyptic bar. If you fancy partaking in a winter (likely spring) post-apocalyptic soirée, Blodsband-style, and don't mind being featured in a photoshoot, make your interest known. We're contemplating a blend of a photoshoot and post-apocalyptic party LARP, complete with an abundance of atmospheric smoke

Chapter X: 5

Chapter: X, a toxic relationship - credits

Photography, lighting, and smoke: Björn Falkevik @bjornfalkevik

Editing and portrayal of Fox: Isabelle MacKenzie @myblebee

Toxic troll: Richard Silén @han_i_visby

Chapter X: 6

Chapter X: 7 (My personal favourite)

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