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People, places, animals or still objects?

I've got the creative and engaging answer to your marketing needs.


I've modelled for chlothes, jewelry, concepts, organisatrions and companies, Video ads and still photography. Published online, on tv, in magazines, on lifesize cutouts...


I handle every part of the production. 
I plan, script, shoot, record, process, cut, export, publish and write copy. All in all, I produce marketing materials in a streamlined fashion with no detours.
But, that doesn't mean I can't collaborate for some, or even most, of any given production.

It all depends on you, your budget and your needs. Let me know and we'll work something out.


Having always been facinated by shapes, colours, lighting and people, I love shooting portraits. Since models weren't always at hand, I started experimenting with self portraiture - only to realise what a wonderful process it is. 

Shooting with only yourself gives you all the freedom of creative expression and all the time you need, in the pace of your own choise. But it's also a great challange to get all the elements just right for the final result.