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Viking Movie Project "Envig"

I am part of an exciting movie project!

Starring as the sister of the main protagonist (and the centre of attention in this little sneakpeek) where my acting skills are put to the test... As I play... dead. Literally. (But it's fine!)

Don't let that disencourage you. We've had a really good experiance filming thus far and I look forward to the rest, and to keep working with this awesome crew.

"Envig" means "a duel to the death". The film is set in the year 798. The story deals with the death of a young woman and her family's striving to understand the reason for her death, and find her killer. The film features the striking landscape of the island of Gotland, with a rich and evocative musical score emphasizing the somber drama of the story. Far more than a historic crime story, "Envig" is a meditation on love, the devotion between brother and sister, and the limits of loyalty. It also portrays the moral complications of seeking revenge.

Sneakpeek of the first scenes!

The film's language is Swedish with English sub-titles. The movie is currently privately financed. All funds raised will go directly into production and any contribution is appreciated. All donors will be included in the end credits of the movie.

Interested in funding the film?

This 14 minute excerpt conveys the mood and production values of the completed film, which will be feature-length.

Hans Wanneby, director/cinematographer, and his wife Lisa are Executive Directors of Stavgard, a Viking Era historic site on Gotland presenting a broad array of period-authentic educational programs for both children and adults.

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