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Data storage and Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Rights

As a rule, the photographer has exclusive rights to his photographic works from the moment they are created. This means that anyone who wants to use a photographic work must have permission from the photographer.

As a customer, I give you the right to use the photographs for personal purposes, however, my name as photographer must be in connection with the work on social media. The photographer's name must always be given in connection with the photograph, unless it is practical or technically impossible.

GDPR and data protection
When it comes to personal data, the data will be processed by me. Upon first contact, your name and email address will be provided. Furthermore, the phone number and address will be saved in the event of a booking.

Payment takes place via my company.

Depending on what you and I agree on, some images will be displayed for marketing purposes. This only happens after agreement between me and you as a customer. Your name and the names of others will not be published, unless specifically granted.

If you wish to find out the exact data that is stored via Mymblebee Photography, you are always welcome to request it. Email me at for more information.

The images and any video files are saved on hard drive and cloud storage. The files are available for one year, together with any contact details.

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