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Fine Art Photography - "The wood nymph"

What did you do this weekend?

Because I thought I had lost my cat (but she came back! ) I've been in a state of emotional rollecoaster and haven't been able to do much over the weekend. But, I have used the mighty power of hyper focus and hyper fixation to deal with my worries in a semi-healthy but creative way... And watched way too many youtube videos on how to do photoshop magic.. I have produced my first (so be nice, I know it's not perfect) ever fine art photography composition.

This work is inspired by an illustration by Johan Egerkrans, depicting the "skogsrå" from nordic mythology. (I'm posting the illustration for referance) I used myself as the model bc there was noone else around. plus, it's a pretty cool self portrait to make.

The name is sometimes translated to "the wood nymph", "the wood wife", or "lady of the woods" Different sources tell diffetent tales. But it's generally known that Skågsrået is the guardian and the ruler of the deep, dark scandinavian forests. You don't want to get on the wrong side of her, for risk of evoking the wrath of the woods. But, you can leave her offerings to appease her and even gain her favor.

"In Sweden, she is the skogsfru (or skogsrå)—a woman with a hollow back who couples with men and will sometimes bless their hunting endeavors.⁠

It is said that men who couple with a wood woman will waste away, pining for her touch.⁠ Wood women will sometimes marry humans, though this usually ends poorly.⁠ They are feral spirits, and will eventually return to their forest homes."

I went for a slightly softer touch than the illustartion though, which I feel is fiercer. But I like both styles. I see her as extremely fierce, like nature itself. But also very kind and soft and caring, with her loving eye she watches over all the beings that strayes across her lands.

A "just don't fuck up"- kinda feeling.


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